31 January 2007

Pine Cone 2

The two individual pine cone paintings were matted and framed together, something I hadn't tried before.

Pine Cone 1

The pine cones were done to hang on the wall at my husband's new clinic, Everygreen Therapy. About this time, while running some Google searches for casein, I came across artist's web site, WetCanvas!.com. Here were thousands of artists from around the world freely offering their assistance and comraderie to one another. What an important site, since so many artists, including myself, work in isolation. That, plus a vast copywrite free photo reference library enticed me to join. A nickname was required, so I called myself "Lightseeker". I seek light in every painting, and I seek the creator of light who is "the way, the truth and the Light".

I found the photo references I needed for the pine cones on the WetCanvas! free reference image library; photos donated for this use by other artists. It was a new year, and I was taking a new direction.