24 February 2007


Another reminder of my trip to BC. I especially liked experimenting with the wood grain.

23 February 2007


We have two cats, and Orville is the one who will dissapear when company comes. Dozing in a sunbeam with a full stomach is his idea of bliss. This little painting was done with a limited pallete of only two colors.

14 February 2007

Wrong Side of the Tracks

My friend Maureen and her large family had a beautiful fifteen acre farm along the Thompson River in BC. They accessed their land by crossing a major rail line. Eventually track expanded and the rail company forced my friend and their neighbours off their properties. They were paid for the land but not for their homes. It would be up to the home owners to sell and move their buildings, intact or for scrap; if left the rail company would tear them down. This was my friend's dream home, only about ten years old. I think I painted this as a way for me to mourn their loss.

6 February 2007


Elaine is my sister, and this was from a photo taken at a dimly lit restaurant. The lighting intrigued me, and I was curious to see how difficult it would be to paint an image that wasn't brightly lit. I did run into some difficulties, but leaned some good lessons. I'd like to frame it with an oval mat, to eliminate the awkward parts. This was painted around her birthday in January.