24 January 2014

Annie With a Pearl Earring

In this classic portrait, I have painted my daughter, Annie, into Jan (Johannes) Vermeer's masterful work, Girl With a Pearl Earring. The original was done in oils, but I have done it in watercolor. To see this painting as a work in progress throughout its many stages, see my Facebook Page, from January 14 to 23. I am looking forward to doing more classic portraits, and sometimes my mind races thinking up the possibilities.

4 January 2014

Chiko and Tina

This is the second commission I donated to the Chilliwack SPCA at their annual Paws For a Cause event. It was awarded to Roz Miller for her successful fundraising efforts last year for this worthy cause . Her chihuahua and dachshund, both rescues, posed beautifully for Roz's excellent reference photo, making this portrait a special joy to paint. I really like the high contrast lighting, and the contrasting brilliance on white and black fur. To see this painting in its earlier stages as a work in progress, and Roz receiving this award, see my Facebook Page entries dated from January 7 to January 13.