22 December 2008

Luke's Hope

My daughter Annie, see blog entry November 20 2005, met Luke a year after that portrait was done. Two years later, on a snowy stroll through Niagara-On-the-Lake, they became engaged.
By the end of that uncharacteristicly overwhelming week, Luke had also bought the home that they will share after the big day in August.
Luke is a great guy and perfect for Annie, but what to get a son-in-law-to-be for Christmas?

A house that was new in 1904, is now new again. New with the hope of a couple beginning a life together. New with the anticipation of family and friends and music and laughter and life. A house with a heritage, now a home with a future.

His gift was a painting of that hope.


Elaine said...

that made me cry! so beautiful and you write very well too.
All your work is amazing and I'm very proud to be your little sister!

Elaine said...

That made me cry; so beautiful! you are such a grear writter too. All your pictures are amazing and I'm proud to be your little sister!