20 January 2010

Not So Far Away

I just love this pose of JB, comfortably leaning on his elbow(?) not unlike some people I know. If I had accidentally called him JR (as in JR Ewing), I wouldn't have been too far wrong. And yes, there's a story. There's always a story.
One day a while back, I got a nice email from Corinne, someone I didn't know. It seems she had travelled to Vancouver from her home near Dallas Texas sometime last fall. There she met someone that I also didn't know who had seen my paintings in a gallery in Ontario late last summer. Somehow pet portraiture came up in their conversation, and I was mentioned. Once home, Corinne emailed me, asking if I would paint a commerative portrait of her and husband Dave's late orange tabby, JB.
So from Ontario to Vancouver to Texas to Ontario and finally a painting delivered to Texas. Is is just me, or is the world getting smaller?

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